Showcase Landscaping - Denver, Colorado

Welcome to Showcase Landscaping


Welcome to another summer with Showcase Landscaping Inc. Now that spring is just around the corner, preparations for upcoming lawn care should soon be scheduled. As we progress into another season, we at Showcase Landscaping Inc. look forward to serving you with professionalism and quality at reasonable prices.

Our staff is comprised of a dedicated and diverse team of individuals who take pride in their work for Denver home owners. We provide a combination of quality care, competitive prices, and a complete range of residential landscape maintenance services, including:

  • Yard Care: Lawn Mowing, Mulching, Power Raking, Poop Scooping
  • Fertilization Programs: Granular and Organic
  • Snow Removal
  • Gardening
Showcase Landscaping was started in 1995 by Denver native Geoff Seale. After graduating from Colorado State University, Geoff worked in the construction field gaining first-hand experience in residential contracting and landscaping. Geoff started the company Colorado Deck & Garden which ultimately became Showcase Landscaping.